Trans Catalina Trail Take 2

​With my initial attempt of the entire Trans Catalina Trail left incomplete thanks to beginner mistakes like over packing, I returned to the island exactly one year later to conquer my original goal. A lot has changed on the trail including the official start and finish points but improvmets like bathrooms and food storage lockers add to the luxuries on this challenging trek. Armed with my old map I set out to walk the original course end to end. Check out the video to see how I did.

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For more trail details read an in-depth account of my 2016 Trans Catalina hike or watch the video.

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2 thoughts on “Trans Catalina Trail Take 2

  1. My feet hurt just watching you hike mile upon mile. Typical Mandy, if you don’t succeed the first time watch out because the second time there’s gonna be some serious kicking of butts. I’m always proud of you. – Phil

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