Backpacking Enchanted Valley in Olympic National Forest

Banana slugs, sooty grouse, and black bears oh my! This enchanted rainforest did not disappoint. Three friends spent four magical and unceasingly breathtaking days in Olympic National Park in June. We got some sun, we had some rain, but mostly we had a wonderful time.

Check out more videos of my adventures here.

Trail info from the National Park Service website:

Ecosystem type: Rain forest river valley

Trail tread types: Well-maintained

General elevation trend: Moderate

Unique features: Old-growth rain forest, waterfalls, historic chalet

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 13 miles from the Graves Creek trailhead to Enchanted Valley (However our GPS devices clocked it closer to 16 miles each way)

Elevation change: 1,700 feet

Best Season: May through September

Permits/Reservations: Obtain permits at the WIC in Port Angeles or at the South Shore Lake Quinault Ranger Station located next to Lake Quinault Lodge. No reservations necessary.

Food Storage Method: Bear canisters and bear wires. Bear wires are located at O’Neil Creek and Pyrites Creek. All food, garbage, scented items, and beverages other than water must be stored in bear canisters at Enchanted Valley. Bear canisters are recommended in other areas without wires and are available for rent at ranger stations.

Campsites: Pony Bridge, O’Neil Creek, Pyrites Creek, and Enchanted Valley

Toilet Facilities: Pit toilets are available at O’Neil Creek and Enchanted Valley. In other areas, bury waste 6-8″ deep and 200 feet from water sources and campsites. Please pack out toilet paper.

Water Source: East Fork Quinault River and tributary streams. Always boil, filter, or chemically treat your drinking water to prevent Giardia.


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