Gear Review: Titanium 750ml Cup by Toaks

Titanium 750ml Cup by Toaks Best Backpacking Mug Cup Pot Lightweight

I didn’t choose the mug life, the mug life chose me. Since I’ve never been able to forgo morning coffee or a hot meal at the end of the day, I need a camp kitchen that is packable, durable, lightweight and multipurpose. The Toaks 750ml Titanium Cup fits the bill on all accounts. Perfect for solo overnights and thru-hikes alike, Toaks allows hikers to remain ultralight without sacrificing simple pleasures.  

This single walled titanium cup with a matte finish is an efficient cook pot and transitions seamlessly into a mug that is comfortable to hold when sipping from. This rugged piece of kit folds up to stow away in a compact package that will house fuel, a stove, and lighters keeping the entire kitchen easily accessible in a single padded orange stuff sack. 

Toaks Titanium 750 Mug Pot Cup Review UL Lightweight Backpacking

What I Love

That It’s Titanium – The pure titanium construction withstands high temperatures, resists corrosion, and eliminates the chance of a metallic aftertaste or nasty toxins. Titanium is also known for the ability to heat up and cool down quickly. These properties give the cup lightning fast boils, leaving the handles cool enough to grab with bare hands. The pull tab on the lid rarely got too hot to touch and the durability of titanium makes it remarkably lightweight but built to last.

Lightweight – The ample 750ml capacity only weighs 3.6 oz including the lid.

Titanium 750ml Cup by Toaks Best Backpacking Mug Cup Pot Lightweight

The Handles – At first the handles look flimsy but on the contrary they are actually sturdy and very comfortable to hold even when the mug is full of hot contents. The rounded edges and pinky notch complement fingers very pleasantly. They provide stability and a good grip. Even though they fold away nicely, the handles don’t shift around when they are out and in use. 

The Lid – The vented lid eliminates any rolling boil guesswork, firing out steam when it’s time, much like a whistling tea kettle. The lid’s wire pull tab doesn’t get too hot to touch very easily but is adequately sized to allow assistance from a twig if it should be needed. 

Toaks Titanium 750 Mug Pot Cup Review UL Lightweight Backpacking

The Capacity – This cup is the perfect size for a multipurpose cook pot and mug. It is large enough to boil water for dinner and dessert at once. It can easily cook a packet of ramen. There is enough surface area to warm both hands with a hot beverage in the morning without being so large that it takes up too much room in the pack. The dimensions also fit a small fuel can perfectly. This cup stores everything needed for my camp kitchen while leaving room inside for a small towel and extra knickknacks.  

Toaks Titanium 750 Mug Pot Cup Review UL Lightweight Backpacking

Graduation Marks – Gradation marks are etched into the cup’s side where they are labeled in milliliters and ounces.

Easy Cleaning – It has a rounded bottom edge that facilitates easy cleaning. 

The Versatility – The Toaks cup works as well thrust right into the fire as it does on a stove. I have found that the blackened soot acquired from boiling water directly in my fire washes completely off with soap upon returning home. Additionally, when the handles are folded out and turned away from direct flames they remain at a touchable temperature. 

What I Didn’t Love

Toaks Titanium 750 Mug Pot Cup Review UL Lightweight Backpacking

The Stuff Sack – Even though the stuff sack is really light weight, well padded, and keeps the lid from clanging around while I hike, it has a tendency to flake tiny orange bits off into my pack. I don’t really find the padding necessary since the cup is so durable and doesn’t have any sharp edges that could damage other gear.  A rubber band used in place of the sack keeps the lid from banging around just as well and saves a little weight. There are those who might enjoy it as a nice touch but I prefer to leave the stuff sack at home. 

The Verdict

Toaks Titanium 750 Mug Pot Cup Review UL Lightweight Backpacking

I am rather particular when it comes to a camp cup. It needs to be ultralight, stable, comfortable to hold, easy to use, easy to clean, have a secure lid, maintain the temperature of hot liquids, and be compatible with all my various cooking methods from fires to canister stoves. Toaks really knocked it out of the park with this one. The 750ml cup checks every single box. It is a very well thought-out design that’s been perfectly executed in a beautiful package.




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