Book Review: Weathered JMT

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If a promise to a friend meant lugging a hefty backpack over TWO towering mountain passes in a single day, all alone, would you keep it? Despite her inexperience, Christy Teglo was determined to do just that. In her book, Weathered: Finding Strength on the John Muir Trail, Christy divulges what led her to apply for JMT permits without ever having backpacked before.

Christy’s story of her 220 mile hike through the often harsh and rarely level High Sierra Mountains takes the reader along in a way that makes one feel like they are on the journey with her. Christy details her deeply personal reasons for wanting to take on a long trail, the frustrating permit process, how she prepared, her gear choices, diet, and trail specifics. The amalgamation makes her tale a rarely achieved combination of enthralling page turner, a genuine guide book, and a fantastic resource.

Without sugar coating, Christy openly and honestly discusses the nitty gritty of life lived out of a backpack. Readers will meet new friends as she makes them, they’ll experience her fears with her as she has them, and will find themselves privy to all her doubts thanks to a writing style that holds nothing back. Belief in oneself and a true love for the unique beauty of the trail are woven so seamlessly into this personal account I found myself rooting for Christy in a way that made this book incredibly hard to put down.

Anyone planning to hike the JMT can easily power through this delightful read to glean insights and helpful tidbits no matter their experience level. Those thirsty for more releases in the solo adventure travel genre will not be disappointed. Even non-hikers will enjoy a beautiful story about the powerful change that can result from stepping away from the relentless American work-life to reevaluate and regroup alone in nature.

I personally give this one 5 out of 5 stars. You can get your own copy here:

Or a book store near you

Want to see the Sierra Mountains?

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