How I Hookup and Disconnect my RV at a Campsite

Plus everything else you forgot from the RV walk through

Everything you need to know before you go! In this video I cover how I hook up my RV water, sewer, and electrical when I get to a campsite. Additionally I discuss disconnecting and dumping the tanks when it’s time to leave. I also cover the inner workings of the rv and how things differ when connected at a campground vs. wild camping without hookups. I hope this answers all your questions. I sincerely hope it helps you feel well prepared and confident enough to get out there on your own. Safe travels!

The items I used in this video were my beginner basics that I personally started out with. They were inexpensive and great for getting started on a budget. I have since upgraded most of these. You can see my current equipment here.

My Starter Equipment Set Up Used in This Video

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