Dirtbag: an avid outdoors-person who eschews the comforts of civilization in order to more fully realize their outdoor passion. Often dirty with unkempt hair and living in a vehicle, they’re usually seen wearing flannel shirts and ski boots or climbing shoes.

Mandy Esch

My love of the outdoors started early. Growing up in a family that took cross-country car camping trips every summer, I was chopping wood and building fires before I was 10. Competing as a professional skateboarder in my 20s the cross-country travels continued and I fell more deeply in love with nature. Living simply in an RV full-time I was able to dedicate most of my time to my outdoor passions surfing and skateboarding all over southern California. Returning to school in my 30s I earned a BS in Health Science and am now a licensed radiologic technologist. While providing care at a county hospital in LA I decided to take my love of the outdoors even further and began backpacking.

The call of the mountains grew and I relocated to Central Oregon where I grew quite comfortable on the trail.

From there the opportunity arose to combine my career and nomadic ways as a traveling medical professional. I currently live in my class C RV and tour across the US regularly. The photos, vidoes, and posts on this site are my stories. I hope you enjoy them.

Competing in a Vans skate contest
Getting covered up in Costa Rica
Nomad life

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