Fly Fishing Lake Harriette in Mountain Lakes Wilderness

An aging companion and smokey air turned what was supposed to be a 17.1 mile backpacking loop into a rather relaxing weekend fly fishing at Lake Harriette instead. Just 6.3 miles in and the true treasure of the area Lake Harriette sits teaming with Rainbow and Brook Trout. Upon arrival the scenery, lack of other campers, and my 13 year old dog all convinced me to abandon my hiking plans and stay. We enjoyed 3 blissful days at Harriette and left the way we hiked in. It was an amazingly restorative escape.

My Fishing Setup

Trail Info

  • Starting point: Varney Creek Trailhead
  • Distance: 6.3 miles to Harriette Lake (17.1 for the entire loop)
  • Information: Fremont- Winema National Forest – Klamath Falls Ranger District (541) – 883-6714
  • Additional information and map in this book


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