4 Days on California’s Lost Coast Trail

The LCT is one of very few places in California that’s left untouched by the modern world. Located on the edge of Humboldt County in the King Range Conservation Area this trail takes you across a stretch of coastline so rugged that plans to construct roads throughout had to be abandoned. The only way to enjoy this wonder is on foot. The Lost Coast is a place where the forest meets the ocean, mountain and sea creatures collide, and bears walk along the beach. If immense beauty and seclusion are what you crave this is what you need to know to make it happen.


8 thoughts on “4 Days on California’s Lost Coast Trail

  1. Wonderful video. Almost made me feel like I was there but didn’t have to mess with the Rattle Snakes! Looks like a great and challenging hike but one with rewards that refresh the soul and make one humble in the presents of the natural earth and realize that as humans we are responsible for being responsible caretakers of the present to insure the existence of the future.
    You are a good person Mandy.


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